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Welcome to Final Siege!

The gameplay is a (fairly) unique combination of action, puzzle and strategy elements. The game can be played either singleplayer, or with up to four players simulaneously over any internet connection. Final Siege features a global multiplayer league, a chat phrase system, buddylist, instant player invitations, random matchmaking, skill based matchmaking, a global singleplayer highscore table, and save slots for player profiles and for the player's progress in the singleplayer mode.

Singleplayer Mode

In Singleplayer matches the player builds and defends a fortress against waves of approaching tanks. Repair your fortress after each attack in the puzzle phase, buy new weapons and survive the next attack! You will advance through different maps and missions of increasing difficulty. When all maps are completed, the mapcycle will start again and the next difficulty is unlocked, bringing up new mission objectives and more hostile units. Furthermore the score is saved, so that you won't have to start at "easy" mode again to improve their alltime highscore.

Realtime Multiplayer Action

Fight against other players around the world, in realtime-battles with up to four players simultaneously !
Latencies will usually range from 3 to 5 seconds, depending on your phone model, your internet connection and your current location on the globe. The gameplay isn't affected by latency directly, so "high-pingers" won't have any disadvantage.

Global Multiplayer League

Every registered player has his/her unique rank in the global Multiplayer League. Registration is free ! Your current rank will be affected if the game is started by selecting "League Match" from the multiplayer menu. The game logic will automatically assign a waiting opponent with a similar rank. League games are always one-on-one matches. Final Siege uses the approved Elo Rating System, which is used by many multiplayer online games and professional gaming leagues like the ESL.


For non-league matches, players can invite other players using their buddy list. Challanged players will be notified by a choice box, so they can accept or decline the invitation immediately.

Chat Phrase System

Since there rarely is time to type messages in the heat of battle, Final Siege features a chat system with common predefined phrases. Another advantage is, that these phrases are already translated in the localized versions, so it doesn't matter if the players speak the same language or not. In addition it's also possible to type messages the common way.

Global Highscore List

In addition to the local highscore table stored on the mobile device, singleplayer highscores can also be uploaded to the global Final Siege highscore table, where each registered player is appearing once with their all-time highscore and the highest level they ever reached.

Free Demo

Download our free demo version or play it now on the web by clicking
Try it now! The limitations are as follows:

Only the EASY missions and simple cannons are available.

You can play the Demo online for free as long as you like! (excluding fees for your internet connection of course). As a Demo player, you can already take part in the Global Multiplayer League. If you purchase the retail version, you will gain access to all the advanced weapons.