• to download the Demo to your mobile phone, enter the following address in your WAP-Browser:

  • or download the Demo right here, then send the .JAR-File to your phone via Bluetooth, USB or infra-red.
  • All the features in the Demo are FREE! You will only be charged for the data traffic by your operator. If you got a flatrate, that's zero.
    The same applies for the retail version of course! We won't charge you again after the purchase of the game.

  • Sony Ericsson

    D750i ,  F500i ,  K310(i,c,a) ,  K500(i,c) ,  K506(c) ,  K508(i,c) ,  K600i ,  K608i ,  K700(i,c) ,  K750(i,c) ,  K790(i,c,a) ,  K800(i,c) ,  M600/M608(i,c) ,  P990(i,c) ,  S700(i,c) ,  S710a ,  V600i ,  W550(i,c) ,  W800(i,c) ,  W810(i,c,a) ,  W850(i,c) ,  W900(i,c) ,  Z1010
    other Sony Ericsson phone


    6280 ,  N77 ,  E61 ,  E61 ,  E61i ,  E62 ,  n-gage
    other Nokia phone


    other Samsung phone


    C65 ,  CX65
    other Siemens phone

    Tutorial Videos

    Have a look at our presentation for the International Mobile Gaming Awards, where we explain the game features.

  • Singleplayer Gameplay Video [MPG,19MB]
  • Multiplayer Gameplay Video [MPG,21MB]